2019 ICS Year in Review

Insights into ICS vulnerabilities, threat activity groups, and lessons learned from hunting and incident response

Dragos’ Year in Review reports provide insights and lessons learned from our team’s first-hand experience hunting and responding to industrial control systems (ICS) adversaries throughout the year, so we can offer recommendations for stronger defenses for industrial organizations and help drive change in the ICS cybersecurity community.

ICS Vulnerabilities

ICS Vulnerabilities

This report assesses 438 ICS vulnerabilities reported by a variety of sources–including independent researchers, vendors, and ICS-CERT–and provides a comprehensive look at ICS vulnerability statistics, including their accuracy rates, how they affect industrial control networks, and whether appropriate mitigation is provided alongside the published advisories.

ICS Landscape and Threat Activity Groups

ICS Threat Landscape And Activity Groups

This report assess the state of the ICS cybersecurity threat landscape, including the latest threats, malware, vulnerabilities, and public threat activity groups focused on industrial operations.

2019 Year in Review_Lessons Learned from the front line of ICS Cybersecurity

Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of ICS Cybersecurity

This report details the observations, industry trends, and lessons learned from the Dragos Professional Services team’s proactive and responsive engagements throughout 2019, including: threat hunts, incident response engagements, vulnerability assessments, and more.