Dragos WorldView

Enhance ICS Cybersecurity Through Greater Threat Awareness and Actionable Threat Intelligence.


Dragos WorldView is the industrial cybersecurity industry’s only product exclusively focused on ICS threat intelligence. Prepared by Dragos’ expert ICS/OT threat intelligence analysts, it is the essential supplement to any IT-focused intelligence product used by IT or OT professionals with responsibility for an ICS network. Dragos WorldView calls out and cuts through the hype and speculation surrounding ICS cybersecurity, providing an effective antidote to the fear, uncertainty and doubt it sows.

WorldView threat intelligence feeds, alerts, reports, and briefings provide deep, context-rich insight, illuminating the malicious actors and activity targeting industrial control networks globally. This knowledge enables ICS defenders to make both tactical decisions and strategic recommendations on ICS cybersecurity quickly, and with confidence.

“Dragos Worldview provides National Grid with clearly articulated intelligence, backed by evidence and specific information to help us mitigate threats. The clear understanding Dragos has of the environment in which we operate, allows us to cut through the hype around many potential industry vulnerabilities, so we can focus on the ones that matter most as we look after vital infrastructure and ensure supply to our customers”

National Grid

Dragos WorldView Content

Regular threat intelligence content includes:

  • ICS-themed malware identification and analysis
  • ICS vulnerability disclosures and analysis
  • ICS adversary behavior trends
  • ICS threat/incident media report analysis and commentary
  • Cybersecurity conference presentations and researcher discoveries with Dragos’ expert perspective
  • Key indicators of compromise (IOCs) for defenders to utilize

Dragos WorldView Access

Content is available to subscribers through an online portal or through e-mail, and delivered as:

  • Critical Alerts: Serious threat information released at time of discovery and as situations develop
  • Weekly reports: Coverage of relevant threats and vulnerabilities for the week
  • Monthly webinars: Summary of the most critical events for the month, with Q&A with Dragos’ threat intelligence experts
  • Quarterly Executive Threat Insight (ETI) reports: Strategically- oriented reports prepared for C-level executive audiences

Dragos WorldView Benefits

Subscribers realize a range of benefits including:

  • Immediacy: critical threat alerts inform you of rapidly escalating ICS threat situations
  • Efficiency: expert threat identification and analysis combats alert fatigue
  • Effectiveness: reduce adversary dwell time and mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • Insight: ICS vulnerability, threat and incident assessments promote informed, timely, and confident decision making