Ron Fabela

Director of Field Operations

Ron Fabela is the Director of Field Operations at Dragos, leading all customer and partner deployments of the Dragos Platform and other services. Most comfortable in FR and a hardhat, Ron is often out in the field helping asset owners solve tough challenges.

Before his role at Dragos, Ron was a Lead Penetration Tester for Industrial Control Systems, performing hundreds of vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and risk assessments against live production systems in the electric and oil & gas sectors. He and his team conducted effective and safe onsite assessments around the world with zero incidents or injuries. Ron has also led control system threat assessments that tied tactical vulnerability data, potential attack vectors with current threat actors in a way that brought context to the overload of vulnerability chaos. Starting his career as a computer network defender in the U.S. Air Force, Ron performed numerous cyber security missions for the Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency, Missile Defense Agency and NORAD.

Ron calls Chattanooga TN home with his wife Kristyn and 6 children. He is a foster parent, brew master at Binary Brew Works, and an amateur goat herder.

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