Marc Seitz

Threat Analyst

Marc Seitz is a Threat Analyst, Threat Operations Center, at the industrial cyber security company Dragos, Inc. where he coordinates industrial control system cyber test lab functions as well as performing threat hunting services in ICS networks.

Marc is a specialist in designing and implementing innovative simulated industrial environments for the purpose of providing a safe and realistic training and attack simulation experience for internal and external analysts. He also conducts onsite vulnerability assessments and threat hunting services for customers in a variety of verticals.

As the first Dragos intern hired as a full-time employee, Marc has brought a superior sense of dedication, passion, and exceptional analytic skills to the Threat Operations team.

Marc studied Cyber Operations while at the United States Naval Academy a program offering an introduction to a wide variety of topics including networking, programming, legal, and cyber warfare. Extending beyond the classroom, he has taken a few SANS courses, a RedHat course, and several courses written by Chris Sanders.

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