Kristi Centinaro

Lead Front-End & UX Developer

Kristi started her career in Software Development not in code at all, but in Graphic Design. It was working for a national brand where she had the opportunity to design a website for the first time, and was hooked. “I loved the fact that you could craft an experience for someone,” she recalls.

That summer, she spent every waking moment learning how to code, and eventually moved to the Philadelphia area where she started specializing in Javascript-Driven Application development. Fast-forward 9 years later, and she’s taken her foundation in design with years of experience working for start-ups and large companies alike, performing a wide range of tasks to translate a company’s vision and data architecture into an interface that people not only understand but love to use.

Self-learning was difficult, though, and so she strives to help others who would want to break into the industry but aren’t sure how wherever she can. For a time she co-led the Phila. Chapter of ’Girl Develop It’ – a group committed to providing night and weekend classes in software development in a safe, judge-free environment. She also developed and taught several courses in Javascript App Dev and Design.

Her near-obsessive passion for acquiring skills of all types has led her down several interesting roads, including Japanese language, Sculpture, and 3D modeling & game development as more recent endeavors. When she’s not at a computer doing all of the above, she’s usually at a computer playing the latest online game.