Dragos Services

Dragos services bring our industrial security experts to you to help ensure your organization is ready to face the challenges and threats ahead. Threat hunting, policy reviews, table-top exercises, and incident response all help ensure your success

Incident Response

Discovery of a breach in an ICS environment the situation is often chaotic. Dragos provides the only experienced industrial responders and combines it with the best ICS threat intelligence, and advanced threat detection and response tools. Dragos Incident Response Service standard offerings are on a prepaid retainer basis with specific response time service level agreement (SLA) commitments.

Threat Hunting and Assessments 

The unique architectures and protocols of ICS networks and the developing state of ICS cybersecurity pose new challenges for many asset owners, confronting them with an unclear threat landscape and a shortage of ICS/OT security expertise to help bring it into sharper focus. Dragos Threat Hunting Service and Assessments evaluate the visibility and defensibility of an ICS network and its related processes while looking for lurking threat actors.

ThreatView Services


The Dragos course offerings are intended to make security personnel more capable of operating in industrial environments and expert on the Dragos technology. Each class is conducted at Dragos headquarters near Baltimore Washington International airport in Hanover, Maryland. This allows students in-person access to the physical industrial control system ranges. Courses are intended for security personnel with at least 2+ years of experience.