Dragos Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

Comprehensive Asset Identification, Threat Detection, and Investigation Software for Industrial Organizations

Know What Assets You Have, What Threats You Face, and How to Respond

The Dragos Platform is industrial cybersecurity software codified by ICS practitioners that passively identifies ICS network assets, pinpoints malicious activity, and provides step-by-step guidance to investigate incidents and respond.

Understand Your Environment

Dragos Interactive Asset Map

Pinpoint Threats

Dragos Detections Dashboard

Respond with Confidence

Dragos Investigation Playbooks

Dragos Platform Components

Asset ID


Broad visibility of ICS environments and assets with analysis of ICS protocols, host logs, data historians, characterizations, traffic, anomalies, & more

Dragos Threat Behavior


Fast & accurate detection of malicious behavior via threat behavior analytics derived from adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures–not just anomalies

Dragos Investigating Playbooks


Efficient investigations and faster response times via investigation playbooks, case management, Dragos best practices, and transferred knowledge

Learn from the Dragos Team Every Step of the Way

The Dragos industrial cybersecurity platform codifies and transfers our team’s knowledge and experience to supplement and strengthen yours.

The Dragos Platform Difference

Broadest Visibility of ICS

Accurate Threat Detection

Effective, Efficient Operations

Get in-depth, highly-scalable visibility of your ICS assets to identify issues, misconfigurations, opportunities for improvements, and other anomalies to investigate

Threat behavior analytics, backed by our intelligence team’s research of ICS-specific adversaries, pinpoint malicious activity, provide context-rich alerts, and deliver the most accurate threat detection method

Increase investigation and response speeds with unique timeline views of assets, step-by-step playbooks, and streamlined case management tools authored by the Dragos team of practitioners

Dragos Ruggedized Sensor

Dragos’ hardened industrial computer, by Schweitzer Engineering Labs, withstands harsh environments longer than typical industrial PCs and provides comprehensive, passive data collection across various locations

Dragos Platform Deployment

Combines the functionality of an OT security incident and event management system, network detection and anomaly system, and incident response platform with the experience and intelligence of the Dragos team without a “bake-in” period


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