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The Wall Street Journal / January 19, 2018
New Type of Cyberattack Targets Factory Safety Systems

Hackers who attacked a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia last year gained control over a safety shut-off system that is critical in defending against catastrophic events, according to security researchers shedding light on what they describe as a new type of cyberattack.

Star Tribune / January 13, 2018
Xcel, other utility companies combating heightened possibility of cyberattacks

Electricity isn’t exactly a growth business, so Xcel Energy’s employee head count doesn’t budge much from year to year. One department is an exception: cybersecurity.

ARC Advisory Group / January 6, 2018
Preview of Dragos Inc. & NaturEner at ARC Industry Forum

We have considerably expanded our cybersecurity program at the Forum this year, and as a preview ARC vice president and cybersecurity domain expert Sid Snitkin interviewed NaturEner's Marc DeNarie and Dragos Inc. founder and CEO Robert Lee. In this podcast, Marc shares some details of the case study he will present jointly with Rob at the ARC forum about his experience implementing a cybersecurity strategy with the Dragos solution at NaturEner.

The Cyberwire / January 9, 2018
TRISIS Malware: Fail-safe fail - Research Saturday

On this week’s episode of Research Saturday, we talk about TRISIS, the ICS tailored malware affecting the safety systems of at least one victim in the Middle East. This is only the fifth known incident of malware targeting ICS systems, and joining us to talk about it is Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos.

SverigesRadio / December 23, 2017
Security experts: Serious security deficiency in the train network

Swedish and international security experts estimate that there have been serious security shortcomings in the infrastructure that provides the Swedish rail network with electricity.

The Atlantic / December 13, 2017
Will Ukraine Be Hit by Yet Another Holiday Power-Grid Hack?

The country has been attacked the past two years in December. A new strike could have major implications for cybersecurity in the U.S.

Arc Advisory Group / December 8, 2017
Critical Industries Need Active Defense and Intelligence-driven Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are a major concern for industrial organizations around the world. Most have accepted the need for cybersecurity and invested in defensive technologies and practices recommended by automation suppliers and security consultants.

CyberScoop / October 23, 2017
Security researchers call for calm after DHS warns of energy grid hacking

A government security alert about foreign hackers probing the networks of U.S. energy companies frightened casual observers, but security experts say the report provided little more than an update on relatively well-known activity and behavior.

U.S. News / October 21, 2017
U.S. Warns Public About Attacks on Energy, Industrial Firms

The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure.

Fortune / September 11, 2017
Hackers Got Into America’s Power Grid. But Don’t Freak Out.

Last week cybersecurity firm Symantec released a report on what it calls Dragonfly 2.0—a collection of intrusions into industrial and energy-related organizations worldwide.

CyberScoop / September 6, 2017
'Nation-state' hackers increase sabotage attempts aimed at Western energy companies

A well-resourced hacking group known as Dragonfly is actively and successfully targeting U.S. and European energy companies. Robert Lee, CEO of cybersecurity company Dragos, told CyberScoop that people shouldn’t be alarmed, though.

Scientific American / August 23, 2017
Is the Power Grid Getting More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

From the media buzz, one might conclude that power grid infrastructure is teetering on the brink of a hacker-induced meltdown. The real story is more nuanced, however. Scientific American spoke with grid cybersecurity expert Robert M. Lee, CEO of industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos, Inc., to sort out fact from hype.

Washington Post / August 14, 2017
Dragos, raised $9 million in a funding round co-led by Silicon Valley venture fund Allegis Capital and east coast Energy Impact Partners

Maryland-based firm, Dragos, raised $9 million in a funding round co-led by Silicon Valley venture fund Allegis Capital and east coast Energy Impact Partners.

Forbes / August 14, 2017
Ex-NSA Analyst Raises $10 Million To Stop Hackers Destroying Power Grids

The funding will go into expanding the team and spreading the firm's Dragos Platform technology. Built on the founders' knowledge of attacks on actual industrial control systems, it looks out for and acts on anything that looks abnormal.

The Hill / July 11, 2017
Cybersecurity expert fights for realism

Robert M. Lee thinks we should start taking infrastructure cybersecurity seriously. For a number of people right now, that may mean calming down. The U.S. is coming off two high-profile cyber threats that were less dangerous than many made them out to be.

Washington Post / July 8, 2017
U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks

Russian government hackers were behind recent cyber-intrusions into the business systems of U.S. nuclear power and other energy companies in what appears to be an effort to assess their networks, according to U.S. government officials.

Washington Post / June 12, 2017
CRASHOVERRIDE Malware Targets Electric Power Grids

Washington Post coverage of Dragos' research into CRASHOVERRIDE and the potential impacts.

Powermag.com / May 1, 2017
Malware in Modern ICS: Understanding Impact While Avoiding Hype

In this report, Dragos’ Robert M. Lee and Ben Miller combine their knowledge of proper industrial control system functionality with new research conducted to better understand the threats posed to the ICS.

Automation.com / Apr 18, 2017
How Deloitte and Dragos' Cyber Risk Platform Converges IT and OT Security

This week’s Deep Dive will revolve around the discussion I had with Sean Peasley, of Deloitte & Touche LLP, about their latest announcement of their new cyber risk platform. This platform was enabled by Dragos...

Confronting Cyber Conflict

“We need to begin to have more technical leadership in government positions,” said Rob Lee, CEO of Dragos, Inc. in the context of attacks like the Ukraine power grid attack.

FORBES / APR 19, 2016
Meet The Ex-Army Hackers Trying To Save America From Blackouts

Two days before Christmas the lights went out across the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine.

WIRED / MAR 3, 2016
Inside the Cunning, Unprecedented Hack of Ukraine’s Power Grid

IT WAS 3:30 p.m. last December 23, and residents of the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Western Ukraine were preparing to end their workday and head home through the cold winter streets.

POLITICO / JAN 15, 2016
Shaky accusations hamper cyber case against Russia

The Obama administration’s efforts to press its election-hacking accusations against Russia could be undermined by a flurry of unfounded cyber charges against Moscow.

FOX / JAN 15, 2016
Is the National Grid Safe From Malware?

Robert Lee, CEO, Dragos talks to Fox News about the malware attack on the Ukrainian power grid.

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