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When the lights turn on, the faucets work, and the trains run on time — that's a good day.

Dragos exists to safeguard civilization.

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Industrial Control Threat Intelligence

Read Dragos' latest whitepaper discussing the necessity of ICS-focused threat intelligence for effective defenses in modern industrial organizations.

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Read Dragos’ latest research on how to effectively use and measure ICS threat intelligence.

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Miss the SANS Webcast?

Listen to the Dragos CEO and Founder Robert M. Lee give an in-depth review of Threat Detection for ICS Security: Configuration, Modeling, Indicators, and Threat Behavioral Analytics.

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Dragos WorldView

ICS intelligence reports that cut through the hype, focus on what matters, and help you gain intelligence to defend your ICS.

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That's Why Dragos Built
The First Industrial Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Asset inventory and visibility, threat detection, and workflow automation. Our technology augments your team's abilities. Our expertise supplies years of ICS security experience on demand.

"Today’s threat environment is complex; we want to help you understand it."

Ben Miller, Director of Theat Ops

Deep Expertise Yields
Great Products

Developed by cybersecurity experts from national security, manufacturing, energy, and utilities, and guided by experienced security analysts, Dragos has built the first industrial cybersecurity ecosystem, the ultimate security defense.

"Automate the problems you understand, spend time working on the ones you don't."

Jon Lavender, CTO

Automation as a
Force Mutliplier

Expertise in industrial control systems security is rare, and most teams are small. Between tracking potential threats and developing robust responses, analysts are stretched to the limit. Dragos magnifies the power of any cybersecurity team. Your problems are our problems and we've experienced them before.

"Knowledge on threats ensures lasting approaches."

Sergio Caltagirone, Director of Threat Intelligence

Our Intelligence Augments
Your Operations

Independent, isolated ICSsecurity teams can be compromised without the best intelligence, perspectives, and remediation efforts. Dragos collects global and local intelligence to provide a complete pictureforinfrastructure defenders.

Built by Industry Cybersecurity Experts

As ICS community members we've seen the challenges up close. The problems we are solving will address your needs today, tomorrow, and in ways that change the world.

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