Dragos Platform

Continuous passive monitoring software that identifies and visualizes assets, detects threats through intelligence-driven analytics, and provides a workbench with playbooks to respond to attacks with speed and confidence.

Dragos WorldView

Threat intelligence reports that enhance ICS cybersecurity through greater threat awareness, expert analysis, and actionable recommendations on threats, vulnerabilities, their behaviors, and key indicators.

Incident Response & ThreatView

Threat Operations Center services ensure your organization is ready to face threats with assessments, training, incident response preparation and on-the-ground support, and threat hunting.

The Challenge

Today, the industrial threat landscape remains largely unknown, due to a lack of data collection in industrial networks, and there’s a critical shortage of experienced ICS cybersecurity professionals to analyze that data for threats.

The Solution

Dragos is comprised of the industry’s most experienced ICS practitioners who have lived through and solved real security challenges. Our mission is to provide products and services backed by our team’s experience to facilitate our customers’ efficiency and effectiveness as ICS defenders.

The Dragos Ecosystem

Dragos offers the industry’s most comprehensive ICS cybersecurity solution, built on a foundation of trusted experience and intelligence, to ensure your organization has the tools and knowledge to establish a resilient and adaptable security posture.

Dragos Threat Intelligence

The industry’s only ICS-specific intelligence product, WorldView

Dragos Threat Operations Center

Incident response, threat hunting, training, and assessments

Dragos Platform

Automated Industrial Network Monitoring, Threat Detection, and Response Technology

The Dragos Difference

Asset identification and visibility, threat detection, and investigation playbooks.
Our technology augments your team’s abilities by codifying the expertise of ours.

Real-world ICS Practitioners

Real-world ICS Practitioners

The Dragos team includes industrial security practitioners from the U.S. Intelligence Community and around the private sector. Our boots-on-the ground experience ensures applicability of our approach to your challenges.

Codified Expert Knowledge

Codified Expert Knowledge

Dragos’ technology and services are codifications of our team’s knowledge and experience, and we will continue to research and analyze the ever-changing threat landscape to adapt and evolve our offerings to keep pace with adversaries who aim to disrupt civilization.

An Intelligence-Driven Approach

An Intelligence-Driven Approach

Dragos’ mission is to foster ICS defenders’ growth through in-depth intelligence and research—continually codified into our technology and services—to ensure our customers and the ICS community are constantly learning and armed with the tools to defend their organizations.

Case Study: Protecting Wind Farms Using the Dragos Platform

Learn more about NaturEner’s adoption of and success with the Dragos Platform.

Whitepaper: Anatomy of an Attack: Detecting and Defeating CRASHOVERRIDE

Reviewing previously unavailable data, this paper will outline the CRASHOVERIDE attack in its entirety.

NCCoE Selects Technology Vendors to Collaborate on Asset Management Project for the Energy Sector

Learn how Dragos and the NCCoE are working together to develop cybersecurity approaches that address real-world needs of OT and ICS environments.

The Dragos Platform

Passive asset identification, threat detection with context, and guided response through on-premise, easy-to-deploy technology with value starting Day 1

Built by Industry Cybersecurity Experts

As ICS community members we’ve seen the challenges up close. The problems we are solving will address your needs today, tomorrow, and in ways that change the world.







Expert Insight and Intelligence for ICS Defenders

Staying a step ahead with Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Innovation With Dragos

Staying a step ahead with Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Innovation With Dragos

Implementing the Dragos Platform to Solve ICS Cybersecurity Challenges in the Electric Industry

Implementing the Dragos Platform to Solve ICS Cybersecurity Challenges in the Electric Industry

Evolution of ICS Attacks and the Prospects for Future Disruptive Events

Evolution of ICS Attacks and the Prospects for Future Disruptive Events

“The Dragos Platform provides us with a level of real-time, situational awareness, and monitoring capabilities unparalleled in the industry today… It has become an integral part of our day-to-day cybersecurity…and has eliminated a number of manual processes, while increasing the speed of incident response times. A high-value system for any organization whose operations are dependent upon ICS technology, processes, and protocols.”

Marc DeNaire CIO, NaturEner

“The ICS threat landscape is largely unknown. For that reason we must take an intelligence-driven approach, gain visibility into our environments, and codify knowledge of our teams to scale the response instead of simply watching for anomalies.”

Robert M. Lee, CEO Dragos, Inc.

“Dragos Worldview provides National Grid with clearly articulated intelligence, backed by evidence and specific information to help us mitigate threats. The clear understanding Dragos has of the environment in which we operate, allows us to cut through the hype around many potential industry vulnerabilities, so we can focus on the ones that matter most as we look after vital infrastructure and ensure supply to our customers”

National Grid